Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I did it

Despite his athleticism, Little Clover is a thinker and an observer. Even as a small child, he was primarily quiet and attentive. He could sit and watch for several long stretches as a time and was meticulous and deliberate with his exploring. He was a sponge and not a baby of action. This made the baby years extremely easy. As he grew, he continued to watch and assess and analyze. He would ask complex questions about what he was seeing, but only after much time was spent on internal processing of his observations. Even in sports he watched and learned. The way he watches a baseball game reminds me of a coach. He watches the plays, comments on where the best play was, and learns the game. We watch baseball, football, hockey, tennis, and some soccer, but never cycling, never, ever cycling.

So, when I finally approached Little Clover and told him the time had come for him to learn how to ride a bike, he looked mortified. I didn't waver. I gave him a deadline. He negotiated. I negotiated. We settled on terms and then, we gave it a go. He was nervous and tentative and a little bit apprehensive. He had not had time to observe. Little Clover isn't much for speed (unless he is running and then I can't even beat him anymore), so he pedaled slowly, but he pedaled and he biked. He beamed as he realized he got and his confidence grew. He even accidentally turned, but then kept going in circles for a while until he worked out how to go straight again. As a mom, I got one more first. I watched my little person zoom off into the sunset on a bike as he cried, "Look at me!"

In knitting news, I'm on Ravelry! I now have a database set up of my projects (both in progress and finished) and my stash. The stash database is scary. I must now come to terms with just how much yarn I own. I have 46 different yarns for a total of 17,775 yards of yarn. That's 10 miles in yarn. Out of my stash, I can make 14 pairs of socks. My family will have warm feet.

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