Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Every now and then, you need to step back and take a long look at your life. Sometimes, life is going well and you evaluate what is making it good and you try to keep taking the same steps to keep the positive flow. You spend more time with your loved ones to make more memories and smiles. You take the time to relax and just enjoy. You "pay it forward" and pass on goodwill to others.

Sometimes though, you take a look and realize your life needs a readjustment. You may see the stress and the tenseness and wish desparately that you can call a "do over" like you used to when you were little and the game you were playing just wasn't going your way.

I called a do-over, packed up, and headed to the mountains. Before we left though, I called a do-over with my knitting.

I just wasn't feeling the groove with the Lotus Blossum Tank. After viewing the other LBTs on Ravelry, I realized I was knitting it a size too big and it needed to be frogged backed. Then, I looked at the Fancy Silk Socks and admitted to myself that it was too big as well and I would never be happy with it.

But here's the thing, do-overs are one of the many nice things about knitting. When you knit crap, and you can admit it is crap, you can rip it back and start over. Life, is less forgiving. Gone are the days of do-overs. Once you hit adulthood, you have to deal with what is making you long for the simpler days of childhood. Afterall, that is what separates adults from kids (especially the kids trapped in the bodies of adults).

So, this little vacation wasn't a do-over, it was a time out. It was time to spend with my family. It was a time to experience yet another Little Bear first. It was a time to kick back, act silly, and have a little kid-like fun. I'm now reset and ready to move forward.

Little Clover fly fished for the first time. Not only did he fly fish, but he also caught his first fish while fly fishing this trip. He's a natural and he claimed my pole as his own. I guess this means I get to buy a new pole.

While trying to clean up and compact the boxes while taking out the trash, I got my foot stuck in the beer packing. Yes, that is Old Style, the best beer flavored water from the North.

We like to play puzzles and games when camping. The objective of this game is to jump all the green frogs until only the red frog remains. Xavier Guy is seriously contemplating his next move. It took him a while.

I started the Fancy Silk Socks in May. I finally finished the fist sock three months later. I began these socks on the drive to our camping trip and finished it four days later. I think I needed the change in scenery.

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paula said...

So true, sometimes you have to sit back and refocus. Looks like you had a good time