Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April showers

Bring May babies and out of town guests. Teelee drove in for our friends baby shower and stayed with us at Clover Field. She brought her littlest one who graciously modeled the finished Baby Surprise Jacket and hat.

I still marvel at how small a baby sweater looks and how I'm sure it will never fit a baby, yet it always does.

I found perfect green buttons this week with little teddy bears on them. The mom to be seemed to really like the buttons and the sweater as a whole. I hope both she and the baby enjoy the gift.

in addition to modeling sweaters, Lollipop kept my little guy entertained. Little Clover enjoy having a baby in the house and helping out. He fed her a few bottles
and expressed his desire for a baby brother to Teelee. Teelee asked what if he gets a baby sister, would that be ok? Little Clover sighed and replied, "Well, that would be disappointing." At least I don't have to worry about disappointing him anytime soon.

After the little people went to bed, Teelee and I took the rare opportunity to catch up in person. We sat on the sofa, chatting, drinking wine from a bottle with a pretty label(Aaron you would be so proud), and knitting. I taught Teelee to knit during my last trip to see her in November. She not only stuck with it, but asked for a little stash enhancement excursion. I willingly took her to my favorite shop in town and we picked up some yarn for the Mudflap Girl tank from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. She's well on her way to becoming a knitter.

On a professional note, I just got accepted into Lean Sigma Training. Whoo hoo!


irishmama said...

Looks like a great visit. I think Little Clover is giving you a hint

Diane Thornton said...

LOL, hints won't deliver that gift! You're a great family AS IS. If a miracle occurs, we will all celebrate with you :) congrats on the promotion!!!!

foxycpa said...

I hate to admit it, but I think you're right. I finished the blanket the night before the shower and immediately started knitting something else. The blanket was a huge success. My family was surprised and impressed with my creativity.