Monday, April 28, 2008

Week in review

The week has been a busy week of accomplishments, celebration, and a little bit of pain. The pain has lead to some reflection and the accomplishments and celebrations have lead to much happiness.

We began by celebrating the ordination of The Godfather as a deacon in our local diocese. Our families being Irish and Italian are Catholic and The Godfather and Mrs. Soprano have spent the last five years, yep five long years of classes every other Saturday, studying to become a deacon in the Church. The ordination was very beautiful and shockingly long. It beats the snockers off a High Catholic Marriage Mass which is pretty darn long. It was worth it though and we are proud of the accomplishment.

Then, I began my Lean Sigma training, which I knew was a bit of a big deal, but I didn't fully realize how big of a deal it is. After discovering what I needed to do to become certified, I gained a large amount of respect for the Certified Green Belts and Black Belts I know. Once I recovered from the shock of what I was doing, the pain began and continued all week.

Being the overachiever that I am, I quickly volunteered for the first exercise we did. For my part, I performed squats for a solid 15 minutes. Sure I had fun, but my legs were killing me the next day! I felt like an out of shape sack of potatoes! The pain didn't stop with my legs, either. On Tuesday, we began statistics. I have not had to do advance math on my own without a calculator in a long time. I had to guesstimate the square root of 7 in order to calculate the standard deviation for a normal statistical distribution to then answer the question "At which point will 4 sigma be achieved." My brain was killing me.

Then, on Wednesday, I hit Ravelry withdrawal. I had not been on Ravelry for 4 days and I was itching to see what other people were knitting, what yarns people had just acquired, and what projects were in people's queues. I had not knitted in three days and it was getting to me. I called a special session at home and demanded a small excursion to celebrate something, anything!

We celebrated being Southerns and went out for crawfish.

They were yummy. If you have never had crawfish prepared in a crawfish boil, then come on down south and try it at least once. You will either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. We love it. We invited our neighbors to join us. At the invitation, they looked at us and replied, "but we have children." This is one of the best responses to an invitation I have ever received. They came with us and even brought the children.

Oh, after the crawfish, I had some renewed energy and made some headway on the Lotus Blossom Tank.

I even spun a bit. Tune in tomorrow where I tell you about going to the Opera.

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