Monday, November 17, 2008

Middle School

I came to a shocking realization this week that almost brought me to my knees. It all began innocently enough. I was talking to Papa Clover about Little Clover's upcoming play and was asked if this was the school Christmas play. I told my dad, "Nope, the elementary school does the Christmas play, the Middle School does the fall play." At this point, I stop and the words I just said slowly start to hit me. Little Clover is a Middle Schooler. I told my dad I was too young to be the mom of a Middle Schooler! He just laughed at me.

Little Clover did an awesome job during his play (well, it was more of a musical review). He was one of two kids with a solo out of three grades and his performance was adorable. He had the role of "bowler." At one point, he and his other bowling team mates turned as they sang and the back of their shirts spelt their mascot's name. Trust me when I say it was too cute.
From Irish Clover

We celebrated his stellar performance by taking him out to dinner and devoting our weekend to him. He decided to see Madagascar 2, which was fun and had knitting, and not just any knitting, but sock knitting. It was a rather subtle scene, but when the character produced a sock on knitting needles out of her bag, Little Clover and I cracked up! I'm sure the people around us were trying to figure out why we were laughing.

As for the knitting, I finished my convertible mitten caps and sewed them to the fingerless mitten part.
From Irish Clover

Then, I picked up a Noro sweater and knitted away before I realized I had absolutely no idea what they mean by "yarn front" and "yarn front around." I'm knitting pattern Y785 if there is anyone out there who knows what either of those mean, please let me know.
From 2008 Finished Objects

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Amanda said...

How fun! ^_^

Yarn front and yarn front around... Hmm. Is it maybe talking about just bringing the yarn to the front of the work? It seems to me like front and around might be a yarn over, but I don't know either of these for sure...