Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yarn on a plane

Each time I go to Minneapolis for work, I get a better taste of life up north, and this trip was a very different winter experience. I've been in Minneapolis when the high was -6(F) and the actual temperature was -20(F). I've been there and walked around downtown when the weather was around -10(F). The cold temperatures never bothered me and the snow was always beautiful. This trip though, there was no snow and a shockingly cold wind that stole the breathe out of your lungs the second you stepped outside, and it was only 30(F)! Not only was it cold, but people up there don't seem to really notice. I saw women walking around wearing heels with no stockings, let alone something reasonable like Mukaluks. People had on short sleeve shirts with nary a goose bump. Meanwhile, I'm wearing a quiviut scarf indoors with Bohus wristlets and I was still cold. I have a new found respect for everyone who lives north of the Mason-Dixon.

The trip up north did provide me with ample knitting time, especially on the plane where I zoomed through the majority of a foot for a man's sock. During long phone calls home to the boys, I finished up the foot of the sock. The flight back provided me with time to turn the heel and I shockingly worked on the leg while watching Bolt at the movies. For my first attempt at knitting in a dark movie theatre, I think I did okay.
From Irish Clover

The sock is progressing much, much faster than the sweater I wanted to wear over the Thanksgiving holiday. In order to maintain warmth, modesty, and sanity, I will pack other clothes to wear this upcoming weekend.
From Irish Clover

Since this is a picture of the only sweater piece I've been knitting, it is pretty safe to say that the sweater won't be ready for a while.

Oh, and I did find out what a "yarn forward," yfon (yarn forward and over needle), yfrn (yarn forward and 'round needle), and a yon (yarn over needle) mean! According to Knitting Help, they are all the same as a yo (yarn over), which is good, because that's how I was knitting it.

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