Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scenery and belated birthday

From 2008 Nov Fly Fishing

There are several things I love about my small part of the US. For starters, when I went to the voting polling station, I was greated with a little party. I walked over to the table to sign in and said hello to one of my neighbors, then I walked to the table to hand over my sign in card, and was shocked to hear them exclaim, "Yay! You made it! Hooray!! The last one is here!" Evidently, Mrs. Soprano, The Godfather, Xavier Guy, and of course, Italian all came to vote before me. The voting volunteers were thrilled to find out we were all related and they kindly asked if I had gotten over my cold. They made this voting experience one of the most memorable and enjoyable.

Then, we spread our wings this weekend and ventured out a bit to another favorite spot of ours, the Arkansas Ozarks, for a little fishing trip. The river remained too high for Italian and I to fish, so we followed a local guide and world class fly fisher to a small stream dedicated for fishers under the age of 16. Little Clover received some one on one time with the guide and by the end of the day, was quite the little pro. Italian and I loved watching him cast and hook each fish and the thrill of seeing them zoom off after being released tickled us all.
Yes, that is a trout, a very large trout. From 2008 Nov Fly Fishing

We also got to watch the trout run, which basically entails seeing several fish jump head on into a waterfall as they try desperately to jump up the waterfall back to their birthplace to lay eggs. When a trout actually made it up the waterfall, we cheered with genuine excitement.
Trout jumping from 2008 Nov Fly Fishing

I did take the fingerless gloves out for the trip since the temperatures were in the 40s during the day. My hands and finger bases stayed nice and toasty warm, but my fingertips were chilled to the bone. I'll knit a cap to make these convertible mittens. While camping, I did work on a few Christmas ornaments for the annual Festival of Trees. An organizer for a local charity sounded the alarm with the knitting groups I belong to. She didn't have enough for the warm knits themed tree. Although five is not nearly as many as I would have liked to finish for her, I hope they help.
From 2008 Nov Fly Fishing

Finally, I need to wish Nana Clover a belated birthday. Her birthday was last Tuesday, election day, and she was a bit under the weather. She is a woman who brings joy to many and who lights my dad's soul. Nana Clover, I hope you are feeling better and have celebrated your birthday in a proper way. I wish you a year of good memories and a year of happiness. We send our love to you and lots of hugs to wrap around you whenever you need one. Each day we are grateful to have you.

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