Thursday, August 17, 2006


Everyone told us he would rebound, but Italian and I did not really believe it. Afterall, Little Clover is little and this would be an extraction of not one, but three teeth. We arrived for the surgery and the dental assistants began giving Little Clover the anethesia. He began to relax and we walked him to the back were they had a movie waiting for him. The sugery went smoothly even though the offendig tooth was much larger than they expected. Little Clover was a chatterbox and the staff told us all about how wonderfully he did and what a sweetheart his is. We couldn't agree more. He rested a bit when we got home, but he was ready to be up and playing before long. He also informed me that he didn't want to be home but that he wanted to go out. Honestly, if I had just had oral sugery, I don't think I woud want to go anywhere. He sure does look cute without his two front teeth! Plus, the lisp is adorable!

Before we left for our vacation, I asked fellow knitters what yarn I should hunt down. Almost everyone responded with "Quiviut!" I had heard that the yarn made from musk ox was not only warm and rare, but extremely soft. While in Anchorage, I visited the coop and they only had hat kits with Quivit. I was wanting laceweight yarn, so I left the store empty handed. Italian's parents, found a yarn shop in one of the ports and they had a much wider selection of quiviut, and fortunately for me, they brought back one ball.

Oh, the rumors of its softness proved to be correct!


insaknitty said...

you got qiviut!! oooohh... I wish I could feel it through the monitor. heehee. :) and I'm glad little clover is doing well. kids are so resiliant, aren't they?

MommyRussian said...

I'm so glad he's OK. Tell him we love him!