Sunday, August 27, 2006


This is the last day of my twenties. Tomorrow I enter a new decade and continue on this amazing journey. When I began my 20s, I had grand ideas of what 30 would look like. I dreamt of having a PhD in English Literature after writing a dissertation on Children's Literature. I'd be teaching in some college and living a artsy bohemian lifestyle. Of course I would be published by the time I was 30, and probably working on my third novel by then. I knew I'd be with Italian who would be the Theatre Director and professor at the same college. The issue of children was hazy. I was non-committal on that topic. My oh my, how time has a funny way of changing things.

I never got a PhD. I didn't even get a Master's Degree. I left Tennessee for a bit, but quickly missed it and came back home. I tried teaching English (at the high school level) and hated it. Instead, I work in the IT industry, which still shocks my friends. Italian and I did make our way down the aisle and Little Clover entered our lives - and taught us what life and love are all about. I have a dog instead of a cat due to my allergies. I used to hate cooking, always dating guys who could cook for me. Now, I cook to relax and destress. I've never been published, but Little Clover loves hearing my made up stories and he truly is the best critic.

Looking back on my 20s, I realized that my dreams didn't come true at all. Instead, my life became better than I could possible have imagined.


olympiablue said...

Happy Birthday! You know, 40 is the new 30... so maybe your first novel can debut by then!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday! I hit that milestone last year, so I know how you feel. 30 wasn't quite how I'd pictured it when I was younger, but it was still good.