Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekends are for finishing

I just saw a commercial this week that hit a chord with me. In the commercial, housework and children tending were being accomplished by some sort of invicible force. Then a voice over pops up and asks, "As a Mom, do you ever feel invicible?" I couldn't figure out how this group of marketers had seen into my life! I spent the entire weekend cleaning and organizing the house. I began by weeding the patio Friday. Then on Saturday, I tidied our bedroom and tackled the office. I decluttered the office closet, my desk and drawing table, and then the office supplies. I put away the books that were laying all over the floor and cleaned up the large amounts of Little Clover toys which had flooded their way into the room. Trust me, this was no small feat. As I walked out of the office and down the hall, feeling smug with myself, Little Clover walked into the newly organized and cleaned room. I heard him saw with a little amazement, "Wow! This office looks great!" Then my smile crashed as he continued, "You did a great job, Dad!" Italian replied with a beaming, "Thanks!" Thankfully, there was a wall close by for me to bang my head.

Being slightly invisible did give me a chance to finish a few things this weekend. I finished the front of Italian's anniversary sweater. The back had taken over three months to complete. I was able to knock out the front after only a month of knitting, and that includes the 10 days I was gone on vacation, leaving the gansey at home. At this pace, Italian may get to wear the sweater this winter.

I also finished the Jaywalkers! The socks fit perfectly and remind me of how much I love heel flaps. The yarn is Trekking XXL in colorway 105. They are fraternal socks, but I like them that way. I didn't know if my particular-ness would demand identical socks, but when I began knitting with this yarn, it begged for me to allow it to flow naturally. I'm glad I listened.

The last thing we finished this weekend was summer vacation. Little Clover started school today (and I didn't cry - yet). I think I'm beginning to get accustomed to this school thing. Who knows, by the time he starts middle school, I may be able to make it the entire year without crying over the fact that he continues to grow up despite my protesting.

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Lolly said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog - it led me to yours! :) I love your Trekking socks! Looks like we are twins!