Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We went fishing this weekend for what may be the last time at our little campsite. The owner of the campsite is closing it down and we wanted on last trip. How sad it will be to go some place different on our next fishing trip. Italian has been fishing there for 15 years. I've been fishing there for 11 years. Little Clover has been fishing there since he was in utero and took his first steps there. I still can't wrap my brain around how we won't be fishing there in the future. Maybe I can entice JR with knitted gifts.

We arrived in the dark of night and awoke to chilly mountain air and the sound of wind whipping around the camper. Ocassionally, large ripe walnuts would hit the top of the camper with a loud thud or two. The leaves were changing color and weren't quite at their most brilliant, but the colors were enough amaze me. We fished a bit, and Little Clover started to get tired. He wanted a fish and asked me if I would catch one for him. Basically, he outsourced his fishing. Later, he outsourced his fly tying to Italian. I see management written all over him!

He truly was a little grown-up. He lead us through a round of the Alphabet Game while we sat around a campfire and he kept us entertained with some great dances. I hope he still loves to camp and fish as he grows up.

Knitting Update
For Socktoberfest, I'm knitting a pair of socks for Italian. I'll post a picture. It is going amazingly fast. Posted by Picasa

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