Monday, October 09, 2006


Spinning is not for the fiber weak. I've given up quite a bit of knitting time the last week. Instead of knitting, I've been spinning. My yarn looks more and more like real yarn and the sound of the wheel and the movement of my hands and feet are extremely soothing. I'm still a bit critical of the yarn I'm producing, but it doesn't stop me. Italian thinks I should try knitting up my yarn before I pass judgement. I think he is right.

Of course, life in general has been keeping me away from my needles as well. Last week, we went to the corn maze to give it a go. After about an hour, we were only half way through the maze. The maze was huge! It is in the shape of this famous painting. The ticket stub had a very small sketch of the maze that we tried to use as a map. I think we will try to solve the maze again.

We did see this:
A large field of cotton. I can spin that, ya know.

As the week progressed, we prepared for the twins arriving from California for a Baptism.

The weekend was spent with family, playing with the twins, soccer games, and Little Clover's school open house. We saw the artwork he made, the poem and short stories he wrote, and the human body he glued together. His class even made little pop-up books. He was very proud of all the things he had accomplished, and showed off his school as he lead us around. I must say, he does very good well.

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irishmama said...

I like going to the maze too, but I never can find my way. Love the pictures.