Sunday, October 15, 2006

Halloween is coming

and we made cookies!

I love Halloween. To me, Halloween is special because it has a history connected to Ireland (see How the Irish Saved Civilization which is an excellent book), and it begins the fall and winter holiday season. After the ghoulish holiday, Thanksgiving follows roughly 4 weeks later, and after Thanksgiving is Christmas. All you knitter's who have pledge knitted displays of love this season are probably in the midst of picking patterns and yarn for Christmas gifts. Even though it's only the middle of October, Christmas isn't too far off.

I also love Halloween because it is a night of dress up. As a kid, I never really played dress up. I was too busy climbing trees. Then, I discovered the theatre in college. The technical director was this very cute freshman guy of Italian decent who asked if I was going to go to the first theatre meeting. Of course I said sure despite the fact that I was an introvert, extremely shy, and had never really acted before. It was worth all the agony. Ever since, I have loved being in costume and playing dress up. Italian and I look forward to our friends' annual Halloween party and picking very inappropriate couple costumes. Plus, Halloween means fall weather, pumpkin patches, hay rides, and fall knitting.

I'm dutifully working on the scarf for my scarf pal. It's coming along and growing quickly. I'm keeping my eyes out for little treats to send her way, as well. In honor of Socktoberfest, I think I'll add a couple of balls of sock yarn. I know that this past week was supposed to be reviews, and I do have two Nancy Bush books to review as well as a pattern and yarn. I'll post a review a little later, once things slow a bit. Until then, have a happy Halloween season.


Anonymous said...

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays too. The cookies look great. I think the witches' hats are adorable.

You do such neat projects with Little Clover.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's your Scarf Exchange Pal. Just wanted to let you know that your scarf is coming along. I hope you will be pleased! I will contact you when I send it out, along w/ some other goodies!

Your Scarf Exchange Pal