Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween began yesterday for us. We were a bit late in getting a pumpkin to carve, but we were able to find a beautiful fresh pumpkin yesterday. Little Clover was thrilled when he saw all the pumpkins left and wanted to bring home 4. I drew the line at two. We rushed home and converted the kitchen table into a pumpkin carving station. Italian even brought out his power tools. Before I knew what was happening, his drill was poised over the head of the pumpkin and he was drilling into the gourd. This makes Halloween the second holiday when the drill was used in the kitchen.

Italian and Little Clover were elbow deep into the pumpkin. They carved and they scooped and then carved some more. Before I knew it, the pumpkin had been transformed into this:

I don't know if it's just the Irish in me, but something about a carved vegetable really speaks to me.

We continued Halloween today with the annual ritual of Trick or Treating. Little Clover resurrected his Darth Vader costume from last year. Here he is giving us his mean face while holding a glow stick.

Can't you see his mean face? We then proceeded to go from house to house getting candy from our neighbors. The neighborhood was swarming with little people (and some not so little people) in costume. We returned home to find our basket of candy now just a basket. Little Clover is filled with sugar and sleeping. I'm going to knit a few rows in the late witching hour quiet. Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you too. Glad Little Clover had a good time.

We didn't have as many kids as usual, but we had some real cute ones.