Thursday, October 26, 2006

You're It!

Conversation Italian Overheard
Little Clover: You're it.
Lilly: But I don't wanna be it.
Little Clover: But, you are it.
Lilly: But I don't wanna be it.
Little Clover: It's your turn.
Lilly: But I don't wanna be it.
Little Clover: This is how it works, you hide for a little bit while I'm it, then I hide while you are it. It's your turn.
Lilly: Well, I don't want to play anymore.
Little Clover: Fine. What do you want to do, then?
Lilly: I want to play tag.
Little Clover: Fine. You're it.

Yesterday, NPR's sports writer Frank Deford had an essay about school systems banning tag. Evidently, tag is physically dangerous and causes emotional distress and lowers self-esteem. Wow, I had no idea it was such a terrible game! Who knew???? We play tag quite often at our house, and love it. Granted, we could be called psychologically distressed, but we have fun, nonetheless. Now, with tag being banned, what will happen to phrases like "Phone Tag" and "You're it"?

My spinning is getting better and this ball of yarn actually looks like a real ball of yarn. It is keeping Italian's first pair of socks company. I just completed the short row heel on the sock and am moving up the leg. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

It's a wonder that we survived childhood at all, considering the number of things from our childhood that they now say are 'dangerous' in one way or another :)

italian xavier said...

hahaha, i love the conversation between little clover and his friend. i can see a bit of his father in that little exchange...and his uncle ;) can't wait to see you guys