Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday (x3)

Today is a very special day for three very special people.

For starters, my dad was born today. (Hello, Daddy!) My dad is not just a wonderful dad, but also a wonderful man. He taught me to stand-up and argue for my beliefs, he taught me how to skip rocks, and he taught me the importance of family. He introduced me to nature and camping and capturing memories through photography. One summer when I came back home, my dad and I sat on the swing outside, enjoying the afternoon sun and breeze. He made the comment that as a parent, it's a joy to see a little bit of yourself in your child and to see a little bit of your child in yourself. Dad, I'm glad to be like you. Happy birthday.

Second- and third-ly, the twins have arrived! Happy, happy, birthday to the California Tangerines! The second hat is almost done (I'm knitting on the leaves). This go round, I actually did write down the pattern.

The picture at the top are the Barefoot Contessa Coconut cupcakes that are going to my dad. His favorite cake is Coconut Cake. ummmmmm!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Dad. My, oh my, those cupcakes look delicious!!! I'm sure he will be very happy with them.

HBDay to the new babies too! Hope you'll post pictures of them in their new hats.

papaclover said...

I will probally try and make the cupcakes this weekend depending as to what takes place, love ya papaclover