Friday, June 09, 2006

Is the end ever going to come?

I love reading other knitters' blogs. I love seeing their projects, their ideas, their patterns. It gives me lots of warm woolen fuzzies. Then I realize they must knit much, much faster than I do because new completed projects seem to always pop up on their sites. I panic and begin knitting self doubt. How do they do it? Do they sacrifice sleep? Do they have an amazing knitting speed? What is their secret and why aren't they telling me what it is????? I cry a little (but not too much because it might felt my knitting). I cried, that is, until I read the blogs this week.

I'm not one to take joy in other's issues, but I have to say, this past week in the blogging world made me feel a bit better. Loads of bloggers from the Yarn Harlot to Knit and Tonic seem to be stuck in their knitting. Quite a few posted on other nonknitting things because showing an extra inch of progress on a stockingette stitch just wasn't their thing. I felt not so alone and not quite so inadequate. The anniversary sweater is still being preempted by other WIPs every now and then, but I am making progress.


Anonymous said...

I don't take joy in other's lack of progress either, but sometimes it is just good to know you are not alone in your knitting agony.

I sometimes feel like the world's slowest stitcher. My husband says I get "great mileage" out of my yarn because I rip back so often.

Happy knitting today. Hope you make some progress! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the knitting mojo is coming back, but I won't know for certain until I get down to those darn gusset stitches.

Thanks for the compliment on the cross stitch. I am really enjoying this pattern.