Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Magic Room

Little Clover discovered yesterday that he has a magic room. I was in the middle of folding and putting away laundry when he made this discovery. The clothes that belonged in his room were neatly put away. He had dutifully tucked some of his clothes into his drawers, and I had helped him out and tucked away the others. Then I walked down the hall to put way my clothes.

Suddenly, Little Clover is running into my room with pajamas in hand and exclaimed, "Mama! I have a magic room!"


"Yes! I went to get some jammies, and when I looked in my drawer, these were in there!" he exclaimed while holding up the pajama bottoms. "I've never seen these before! They just appeared!"

Oh, the magic of laundry.

Now, if I could get my knitting to just grow without my intervention, I'd be sailing through my WIPs. Actually, I am sailing through the sweater, and Italian loves it. He's amazed with how much the front of the sweater has grown since Thursday, and I must say, I am too. Now that I have the stitch pattern memorized, I'm able to knit with only a glance every now and then at the chart. Plus, I realized the genius of knitting the back of the sweater first. By knitting the back first, Jolene Treace gives the knitter a chance to learn the pattern and make little mistakes in an area where it won't be seen. More than likely, the front of the sweater is going to get most of the attention. By the time the knitter gets to the front, the sweater is easyier and the pattern doesn't seem quite as complicated anymore. Truly, this is a great way to tackle a sweater.

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