Friday, June 23, 2006


I sing. In the church choir. And, I knit. I think the knitting really cinched the label for me. The knitting plus the whole church choir thing. Italian was talking to a neighbor of ours after the board meeting for a small school for kids with certain disabilities. Our friends are very involved with the school and oen of them is also a board member, so they were just hanging around talking after the meeting ended. Our neighbor is about our age and cute and lively. She was commenting on how Italian and I need to come to more neighborhood stuff.

Italian comment that we would love to but our schedules are rather tight with school, work, sports, choir, and, yep, knitting.

"Oh," our neighbor said. "Well, then, I'm not sure your wife (that would be me) would like to hang out with us."

"Why's that?" Italian innocently laughs.

"Well," she said, "we like to, you know, drink."

Italian and our friend at this point start to snicker. And I have to tell you, I kinda chuckled when he told me the story. The thought of anyone picturing me as a teetotaling, prim and proper type of gal was humorous at the very least (not that I am opposed to such a lifestyle, it just isn't me - I am Irish).

I'm not prim, and I'm not all that proper. I enjoy a good party, especially if it involves good drinks and I don't have to bring my own, which I've been known to do. Luckily, I had my friend and Italian there ready to attest to my enjoyment of the end product of the fermentation process.

So what was it that gave my neighbor this vision of primness that my friends find amusing? I think it was the knitting. Just for that, I'm going to have to wear my knitted bikini again this season. And I'll proudly hold a Cosmopolitan while wearing it. Now, to the bar!

Pictures of the chemo cap that will be sent North. It's made in a Rowan cotton silk blend. The name escapes me right now, you can blame it on the wine. The odd angles are not the result of wine, but rather, unavailability of a photographer who is not in primary school or walks on four legs. The pattern is my own. I casted on with a picot cast on, then knitted a few rows, then added eyelets, then knitted a bit and then purled a row and repeated. If anyone wants a formal pattern, let me know and I'll write one up.

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Anonymous said...

Your chemo cap turned out very nice. I'm sure the recipient will be very appreciative.