Monday, June 19, 2006

Look Ma, No Needles

It's not a finished object, but I'm one step closer now. The back to the anniversary/marathon sweater is complete and the front no longer seems as daunting. I know I can do the pattern, in fact, the pattern has become easy and I can zone a bit while knitting it. With one piece complete, I only have three more pieces to do, and the sleeves really could be combined to count for one piece instead of two separate piece since they are smaller and require fewer stitches. That seems fair and logical to me.

The number of pieces are dwindling and I'm getting a second wind. I just hope it's enough to sustain me to sail through the sleeves. Of course, I did miss the Little Clover imposed deadline of Father's Day, but he has ulterior motives (he wants me to knit another stuffed animal), but I have a new deadline to go along with my second wind.

Of course, there has been other knitting to keep me tempted and away from the sweater. Italian's extended family is expecting the arrival of twin boys. Since the boys are living in California, I'm sending them a little tangerine.

The pattern is my own and I will post it as soon as I figured out what in the world I did. The hat part is rather simple stockinette in the round for five inches before decreasing. I'm not sure what I did with the leaves.

For the next hat, I'll actually take notes on how the leaf is shaped. For this hat, I just wanted to see if I could figure it out. It's not the best leaf or the most natural, but it will do for a newborn. I hope he isn't born with any inherit knowledge on leaves.

I've also had another cap to keep my hands away from the sweater. A chemo cap will be sent to an aunt. Send her happy thoughts if you would.


olympiablue said...

the sweater is looking great! and i love the tangerine hats!

Anonymous said...

Your tomato hat is ADORABLE!

Thanks for the compliment on my socks. I think they will get a lot of wear come winter. The color will go great with my sweater wardrobe.

Started a new pair of socks today. No breaks in this yarn so far. ;-)