Friday, June 16, 2006

Poor Eyes

Little Clover has had a rather active few weeks which has kept us busy and on the go. His baseball schedule consists of practices and games a few times a week, and although the games are only five innings at this age, they still last for at least an hour and a half. He loves it though. He looks forward to each game and loves wearing the long hot baseball pants because they allow him to slide into every base (which he does) or dive to catch a ball (which he does). I didn't fully appreciate the older Tide detergent commercials until now. I get rather excited when a cleaning commercial comes on tv.

The shedule of course is not just demanding for him. He still needs someone to drive him to practices and games, which is where Italian and I come in. We do get a bit of a break after baseball season, but then soccer begins, then basketball, then we are back to baseball. Out of the year, we have roughly two months that are not devoted in some way to some sport. Honestly, this is not a bad thing. We may be in sports 10 months, but that also means that for 10 months, I am guarenteed a few hours every week to sit and knit while I watch Little Clover practice. This is a beautiful thing. The other parents have gotten accustomed to seeing me with my knitting. Now, they ask for progress reports and are a bit disappointed if I finish a project away from sports and they don't get to see the end result. I'm trying to time the knitting a bit better. Knitting at games is a bit trickier. Little Clover is quite the athlete and I love watching him play.

His season so far has been incredible. He's hitting balls from a pitching machine, something he has never done before, and he hits them far. His hits clear the infield and land in the outfield. He's hit a homerun, he always makes it to the base. This week, he fielded a ball and stepped on base to get the runner out at first, he assisted in an out by throwing a runner out, and finally, he was part of a double play. Double plays are rare to begin with, but in little people baseball, it's almost unheard of! Now for the amazing part, we discovered this week at his check up that he can't see. Nope, he's got horrible eyesight! On the eye chart, he could point out the big E and then nothing else!

In the words of Little Clover, "Mama, my eyesight is poor. It doesn't have any money." This is prime humor for a little person.(I can't wait to see how he plays when he can actually see the ball.)


MemphisArtGirl said...

Well, at least he can see the big E. I can't see the big E anymore. :)

foxycpa said...

Oh my goodness! Though I can't say I'm too surprised with your's and Italian's eyesight. Did he get glasses yet? How is he with them?