Monday, September 18, 2006

I touched a tarantula...

At the zoo

Esmarelda is on the table.
The birthday party was wild and crazy and a lot of fun. Little Clover is an animal fanatic. Last year, the zoo came to our house. This year, we went to the zoo. I had no desire to clean my house for a kid party and was very happy to have the zoo host it. We had a zeeper drop in on the party with some animals to show off. The first critter that she brought out was Esmarelda, the tarantula. The keeper told us some interesting facts and then took Esmarelda on a walk, letting her walk across the open palm of anyone who was interested. If Esmarelda walked on you, you earned a sticker. Little Clover got a sticker, all his friends got a sticker, and then the adults eagerly raised their hands for a sticker. I even got one, too.

After Esmarelda, we met a blue tongued skink, a chincilla, a screech owl, an iguana, and a rat. We didn't have a snake this year which was fine with me. We took the kids around to see a couple of the animals in the zoo, and had an overall crazy time.

All this followed a morning on the soccer field where Little Clover played a rousing game. He scored the first goal of the game, in the fourth quarter. It was technically, the winning goal. His team went on though to score two more goals. When the game was over, the parents made a tunnel and the kids from both teams came rushing through. I also had the chance to overhear a very nice moment between two of the kids.

One of Little Clover's team told a kid from the opposing team "Good game." The kid from the opposing team looked at the teammate and said "Thanks, but we lost." Little Clover's teammate asked, "Well, did you have fun?" to which the kid replied with a grin, "Yea, yea, I did." The teammate smiled back and said, "Well, that's what it's all about." I love little kid soccer.

In knitting news
The anniversary sweater is on hold, at least for a couple of weeks. My cousin's baby shower invite came in the mail and I'm on a tight deadline for the Pea Pod sweater now. Hopefully, a little sweater won't take nearly as much time as the big man sweater that has been dominating my life.

The Pea Pod on Italian's sleeve.


Anonymous said...

You are VERY brave!

insaknitty said...

that zoo party sounds like a lot of fun! :D and your peapod is looking good! it really does go very fast. well, the smallest size, anyway. :)