Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's a quiet evening at Clover Fields, well, as quiet as a house can be with two boys, one grown and one little. It's a night without any commitments, no late night work, no soccer practice, no book club, no errands, no scouting, not even homework. It's a night of rest and silly dancing. We've had the computer up at full blast listening to the latest Weird Al songs followed by a sweet rendition by the Muppet Weirdo, Gonzo. Little Clover loves to dance and he's been dancing with me since birth. We are resting tonight and the rest is long overdue. The cool night air breezes in and mingles with the music from the speakers and the laughter from our hearts. Soon, Little Clover will be in bed. Italian and I will sip our wine as we smile, rejuvenated by the rest.

A plate Little Clover made


Anonymous said...

Cute plate. LClover did a good job.

I still have the one my son (now 23) made in preschool!

Nana Clover said...

These are the best years of your lives...Enjoy! Nana Clover

irishmama said...

Love the plate, my restful night without soccer practice is Friday.