Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This is the sweater that never ends

I realized this weekend that I will miss the anniversary sweater when it is finished. It's been a part of my knitting life for over 6 months now. The wool has journeyed with me through three seasons, several road trips and vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and a few other life experiences. I must have subconsciously know I didn't want the sweater to end. That's the only explanation I can come up with as to why I had to rip out the sleeve yet again. I forgot to increase the width of the sleeve as I was knitting. The sleeve was well past Italian's elbow when I placed it up against his arm for a quick sizing check. He asked if it was supposed to go all the way around his arm. I nonchalantly said yes while thinking, "Well, that's an odd question. It's a sleeve, of course it's supposed to go around the arm." Then, I stopped. I looked at the sleeve, I looked at the schematic drawing which was much more triangular than my sleeve. I looked at the pattern, and then I began to let the swear words flow freely from my mouth as I ripped back the entire sleeve. Italian quietly walked out of the room. Smart man. He did promise me later that he would wear the sweater everyday and he thinks it is beautiful and touched that it is for him. Did I mention that he was a smart man?

In Little Clover news:
His birthday was an oddly mature birthday. There was no little kid exclamation of excitement, but more of a ripping of wrapping, looking at the present, quietly saying "cool" or "awesome," then a weekend of playing with new toys. We could tell he liked everything he got and he was very appreciative, but it was just different. It's bittersweet watching your kids grow-up and get older. There was definitely more big kid in him this year than in previous birthdays.

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