Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wrong Way

We took a short trip to Ohio this weekend to observe a college student in his natural habitat. Xavier Boy proved to be a good host, offering pizza and beer to us upon our arrival. We then spent the next couple of days staying up late, watching a college hockey game, touring the campus, and seeing the city.

Xavier's hockey team played valiantly, but still ended up losing the game. Xavier Boy took 48 shots on goals and managed to block over 75% of the shots. He even won favorable comments from the referees and the heckler from the opposing team. A large number of students attended the game, treating us to cheers and songs. My favorite cheer came in the third period when it was very evident they would lose. The students began to yell ''that's all right, that's ok, you're gonna work for us one day." Ah ,the battle cry of acedemics. Little Clover kept the hope alive by stating, "Only 9 more goals and we will tie the game!" I hope always keeps that level of hope and optimism.

The campus was beautiful and of course, I forget my camera. Check out the Virtual Tour.

We were sad to say good-bye, but work and school were waiting at home. We loaded the car and began to drive. And drive. And drive. After two hours, we realized that we missed an exit some where. A call to Xavier Boy brought us the realization that we missed it over 50 miles ago.

My friends who are reading this are not laughing. I am notorious for getting lost and I'm proud to live up to my reputation once again. We ended up pulling into a visiting center where we meeting a very nice lady who showed us the way - via a map. Maps are a very good thing.

The missed exit only cost us 30 minutes (even though we were driving towards the opposite side of the state). The detour took us through Lexington which proved to be beautiful. We passed by horse farms and distilleries, and even a Shaker Village. I think a visit to Lexington is in our future.

I did get to work on the Pea Pod sweater which is currently being blocked. A picture is coming.


Anonymous said...

Ah! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Papa and Nana Clover are seriously considering a navigational system. Thankfully, our vehicles know the way to White County!

irishmama said...

I too often get lost, and thats just on regular strrets as I don't drive on the freeway.