Monday, May 29, 2006

Fish Tales

We are back with some fish stories to share! Afterall, what is a fishing trip if the fishermen don't have fishing stories to tell? The drive through Arkansas to the Ozarks was rather uneventful. I did get to catch up on Pride and Prejudice on the CraftLit Podcast. The podcast is a wonderful way to listen to classic books and I'm looking forward to each podcast so that I can find out what is happening with Elizabeth and Darcy. Once I reached the campsite, the fishing stories began.

For starters, Little Clover caught 11 fish on Thursday. He outfished all of the guys, and he did the fishing himself. He casted his own pole and reeled in each of those fish. He needed help getting the fish off the hook, but he released most of the fish without any help. Italian said that he caught a fish with almost every cast. By the time I arrived on Friday, he was well in the lead.

The river was up Friday night, so I didn't have much of a chance to fish. Instead, I knitted. I worked on the anniversary sweater, which is appropriately called "River Forrest" and is a gansey. I didn't get a chance to knit with the "Fly Fishing" sock yarn, but I did make another set of the tree repeat. I'm still tickled by the fact that I have trees!

The river finally came down a bit on Saturday. Little Clover got suited up in his new big boy waders and his big boy glassess. He loved the glasses. They were really big boy glasses and that made him feel special.

We made our way down to the river and casted out.

Then, he caught the first fish of the day! It was a small rainbow that put up a decent fight. Little Clover reeled him in and Italian got it off the hook. Little Clover beamed. He was happy and content to be on the river with a pole and the fish around him.


Anonymous said...

Those two boys are the most beautiful children I have ever seen! What a blessing! They must have very proud grandparents!

Grandma said...

Those two little guys are the most beautiful children that I have ever seen. They look like they are so smart and cheerful and wonderful. Their grandparents must be very proud!