Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You might be a knitter

I haven't seen another list like this, but I haven't been reading blogs very long either. If anyone knows of another list, please let me know. I'd love to see it. This is also just a little insight into how knitters get a bit quirky; and being the good southerner that I am, I modeled it off of Jeff Foxworthy's famous routine.

This post gets a bit PG, due to a reference that may be taken badly. I was a bit hesitant because I am a daughter and granddaughter before I am an adult and maintain some aspects of those roles. Still, it is funny.

You might be a knitter if:

  • Counting sheep keeps you awake with excitement

  • You keep rewinding a movie to see the sweaters a little better

  • You see a package of cocktail toothpicks as really cheap cable needles

  • You stop by the side of the road during cotton harvesting season to snag some free cotton for spinning

  • Your mate finds yarn in his drawers (because you've run out of space everywhere else)

  • Your kids no longer moan when you say "Just one more row"

  • You know how to pronounce "skein"

  • You don't own a single handknit scarf

  • You don't own a scarf at all

  • You only wear hand knit socks

  • Your kids always have a scarf

  • Your kids' school projects always include yarn

  • Thoughts of trans-atlantic flights or cross country train rides fill you with joy

  • You know the dangers of SEX*

  • You enable other knitters during SEX

  • You don't go to movies because they are dark and you can't rewind

  • You have an iPod so you can keep up with your "reading"

  • Moths terrify you

  • You laugh at "Dry Clean Only" labels on wool sweaters

  • When planning vacations, you include LYS on the list of "attractions"

  • You know how to sew a rip in a knit t-shirt

  • Before you buy a sweater on mega-sale, you check the side seams

  • You carry a larger purse (backpack) to hold your WIP

  • You move to a colder climate to wear more knitted goods

  • You visit the "I love alpacas" website daily

  • You had to find new friends because your other friends just didn't understand

  • You stop random people on the street and asked to see the insides of their sweaters

*Stash Enhancement eXcursions
Shame on you :)

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