Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm bacheloretting it for a few days. The guys are gone. Well, not all the guys. The dog is still at home with me. The guys have left for a long fly fishing weekend, leaving me at home - alone. I can't really think of the last time I was alone at home, four years maybe? I really miss the guys. The house is too quiet, too clean, and too spacious without Italian and Little Clover there. I missed seeing socks all over the floor and dishes on the table. Fortunately, I had a few things to keep me busy.

First, I finally got to pick up my new tennis racquet. I can't wait to play! I am totally going to beat Italian now, hee, hee. Secondly, my new fly rod came in as well! (What? You didn't think I could let the guys go on a fly fishing weekend without heading up there at some point, did you?) It is a Streamlight 6'11" fly rod. I've used Italian's on the river and it really is the perfect rod for fly fishing in the the Ozarks. The reel came prestrung, so all I have to do is slap it onto the rod and cast away!

After playing with the new toys, I took full advantage of having complete control of the remote and settled on the sofa with a sandwich, a glass of wine, and the Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD set. I only recently discovered Grey's Anatomy, so I bought Season 1 to get caught up. I had already breezed through episodes 1-5 before last night, so I only had 4 episodes left. I popped in episode 6, then episode 7, then glanced at the clock, ignored the fact that it was 11:36 p.m. and popped in episode 8. It was at the end of episode 8, while Derrek (Patrick Dempsey) gives Meredith (not sure what her name is, but who cares, she's standing next to Patrick Dempsey) a brief description of himself when I realize that Italian is my McDreamy! For those of you who may not remember the brief monologue, here are some highlights:

  • He likes to fly fish (see paragraph 2, Italian is fly fishing this weekend)

  • His favorite color is blue, but not powder blue, more of an indigo blue (hmmm, now I do believe Italian's sweater is blue, not powder blue, but more of an indigo blue, as are most of his clothes)

  • Dark brown hair with a bit of a wavy (Italian has dark brown hair with, yep, a bit of a wave)
  • Stubble (love the stubble and have since the day I met him)
  • I know there were a couple of other points, but I'm blown away at the fact that I married Patrick Dempsey that I just can't remember them at this moment.

Little Clover may argue though that his dad is more like Norm from New Yankee Workshop than McDreamy. We may never agree on this. At least the flannel shirts Italian wears are blue.

For the rest of my time as a bachelorette, I'll be spending it at my LYS sit and knit night and winding my ball of sock yarn from Knit Picks in the colorway "Fly Fishing."

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