Monday, May 15, 2006

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day began with a little kiss on the cheek and a hug from my hubby wishing me a happy mother's day and asking if I wanted coffee or a mimosa. This was quickly followed by a very large hug from a small boy and another wish for a Happy Mother's Day. He had given me his gift the night before (just like his momma, he hates to wait). He sat on my lap for a bit and we talked as Italian went to the kitchen to pour a cup of joe. Little Clover convinced me that I didn't need breakfast in bed. What I needed was to eat breakfast in the living room while we watched cartoons. We then convinced Italian that this was truly the best way to spend Mother's Day.

When I was settled on the sofa, and Little Clover was settled on the floor, Italian brought out an amazing plate of cheese grits, eggs benedict with fried oysters, and a luscious cheese biscuit. The food smelled amazing, and best of all, the kitchen was clean! After breakfast, I got to knit. I knitted on the socks for my little guy, the anniversary sweater, and a tank top for me. I knitted for hours without interruption and it was wonderful. Then, later in the day, we spent the rest of the afternoon with Italian's family, playing and snuggling. At one point, I called the Great Grandma Clover to wish her a happy mother's day. When she answered the phone, I said "Hey, Grandma, happy mother's day."

Little Clover: Grandma? She's in the kitchen, momma. Are you calling her? (Yelling) Grandma! Is my mom talking to you?

Italian's Mom: (Responding from the kitchen) No, honey.

Great Grandma Clover and I were giggling as I tried to explain to Little Clover that I was on the phone with his Great Grandma. I'm still not sure if he got it.

Mother's Day is an odd day for me. I enjoy having the guys cook for me and give me space and give me time, but this seems contradictory to a point. Spending time alone, doesn't seem to be celebrating motherhood. Yet, having time alone is sometimes nice and very rare for a mother. Mother's Day is hardest, I think, on the little people. They don't often understand that maybe Moms need some time every now and then. All they understand is that they really miss Mom when she's not around, and you know, that feeling of being missed, of knowing that someone is wanting you, is a great feeling and I think the best reward of motherhood. I know I still miss my mom.

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