Monday, May 22, 2006

House of Blues

We had the blues at Clover Field last week. The week was all blue. It began with this:

She is a little Happy Meal toy from McDonald's. We are not a McDonald's family, so getting a Happy Meal is a huge treat for Little Clover. He, evidently, knew about the Build-a-Bear Happy Meal toy. How these little people can keep up with this kinda stuff without parents being aware is rather frightening. When he got the box (yes, the meal came in a box and not one of those lousy cheap bags), he opened it mumbling, "I wonder which bear I got." Isn't she cute???? Her cuteness and the nostalgia of the Happy Meal box had an amazing affect on me. I offered to take Little Clover back to Ron McDon's later in the week, just to see which bear we would get. Yes I am a sucker, but look at how cute she is!

Then the blues continued with a win for Italian's softball team, Alex's Blue! This was the first win for Alex's Blue. Ironically, they played against Alex's White, who was also coming in with zero wins. Both teams were excited because one of Alex's team would finally win a game. White was in the lead until the last inning when Blue stole the game! Blue won by a slim margin, and Italian had two beautiful hits, or so he told me. I was too busy knitting away on these to pay any attention to my hubby playing softball.

I hope his hits were as nice looking as these socks. They are the Parade sock yarn from KnitPicks in Yukon.

Little Clover even had a case of the blues this week. His Field Day was Friday and it was a day of the blues. His class won a blue ribbon in every single class vs. class competion. They shot more baskets, they went lower in the limbo, they squeezed more water out of sponges, they lead in the relay races, and they tugged harder in the tug of war. Watching first graders in a tug of war is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. His school also does Field Day in style! Moms and Dads were there in huge numbers to help out with events, to grill hot dogs, pass out refreshements, and to cheer the kids on. The DJ (yep, they had a DJ) kept the party atmosphere going by playing a great selection of dancing faves. I have video footage of little people dancing to the Chicken Dance and the YMCA. These kids are ready to party at any wedding now! The teachers had to teach the junior high kids how to do the electric slide, which they got to show off at the junior high dance that evening. Of all the blue ribbons from field day, here is my favorite one.

Little Clover's personal blue ribbon for winning the 50 yard dash (it wasn't even close).

The week ended with one last blue. Italian's sweater is coming along nicely. I'm not sure if I'll make the Father's Day deadline, but I've hit the zen spot of the pattern. I understand the cable and the sweater is "readable." I reknitted the 2312 stitches I had to rip back last week, plus, I've knitted another 2312. Italian can't watch me knit it. It makes him a little nervous. I've given up the cable needle in favor of just letting my stitches dangle free. He can't take seeing those little stitches just hanging there without anything to keep them from laddering down. It gives me a thrill. I like to think of it as Xtreme Knitting :)

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