Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Pun-y Post

In a Station of the Metro
The apparition of the faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough
-Ezra Pound

I am not a huge Ezra Pound fan, but I love this poem. I was introduced to In a Station of the Metro my sophomore year of high school and was taken by it. The words were stunning and the image was captivating. My teacher for the class spent a considerable amount of time on poetry and required us to select a poem to write about. I chose this one. When Pound first wrote the poem, it was over 31 lines long. Over a course of year, he edited it and shortened it. The lines that he finally left were buried in the middle of the original poem. Like the beautiful faces that inspired the poem, they finally emerged as the sentiment he was meant to voice. For National Poetry Month, I was intending on including In a Station of the Metro at some point. Today seemed to be the right day, especially with the frightfully awful weather this morning. Perfect knitting weather.

As for the knitting, I'm on the last leg of the socks. Literally. I've turned the heel and am very anxious on finishing them up. You can see what's left (and what sock is right). The pattern has been easy and hasn't walked all over me, like I thought they may. I was able to run through the knitting fairly quickly considering the marathon knitting I'm doing with the anniversary sweater. The socks are a keeper and not a set that I will boot any time soon. Nope, they are too cute and need to be shown off. Plus, they match, which is not necessarily and easy thing for a handknitter to do. This post may seem a bit corny. What can I say? The shoe fits. So do the socks.

These are my first toe-up socks and I must say, I love this format for socks. The toes are short row toes, which seem more normal than the pointy toed socks I've made in the past that require a kitchner stitch. The heel is also made using short rows. I think I like the short rows, but I wouldn't mind trying a toe-up pattern that has a heel flap. I think I miss the mysticism of the gusset. Plus, the heel flap is a blank canvas begging knitters to play with color or with stitch patterns. I'm still on the hunt for a generic toe-up with a heel flap pattern.

I never thought I'd have the chance to meet someone who split a baseball, but now I do. Not only did I get to meet someone who split a baseball, but he lives with me too! Little Clover broke the ball while we were at the park. He even autographed it for me with the date.

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