Monday, April 24, 2006

Sock it to me!

When our protagonist last left us, she had just turned the heel of her sock, leaving her dangling before the last leg of the second sock. Will she finish the sock? Will she succumb to second sock syndrome? Will she ever find time to work on the marathon anniversary sweater?
Dum, dum, dummmmm!

Protagonist: Ha, ha, Socks! I've got you now! You thought you could string me along for another week, but no! I've proven you wrong once again!

Sock: (muffled wooly sounds)

Protagonist: What's that you say? How did I do it? Well, I had some help from The Javanator and my SnB! Now, into the shoe with you!

As our protagonist springs out to fight another day and another yarn, the socks learn to love their new home.

My feet are happy and my stash is heart-broken that another yarn has been taken away. That's okay. I offered the stash a new ball this weekend. Since lent is over, I can buy yarn again! This is the first year that I've given up something for lent. Usually, I make a commitment to do something that will positively impact the life of another person. I'll go back to that next year. It is much easier than giving up stash enhancement excursions. Plus, I think my family is happier when I buy yarn.

The new yarn is cotton and it looks like this:

Wait a minute! How did that happen? I could have sworn it was yarn!!!!! I must of knitted a baby hat and booties in my delirious joy of finishing the socks (Sweater? Anniversary? What anniversary sweater?). Luckily, FoxyCPA has a charity auction needing a baby hat and booties. These are being shipped to her.

Oh, and one final thing I did this weekend in between basketball games (we lost), birthday parties (Little Clover got new rollerblades for the party), and crawfish boils (love having friends from NOLA!):

My very first sewing project. Have a happy day.


foxycpa said...

Thanks, Irish!!! I love them! They're so cute!

lynsey said...

wow you are a busy bee! i'm so jealous. still plodding along on my baby blanket. cursed blankets!