Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You mean he listens?

Little Clover happened to over hear his grandma relate a story about a child she had encountered. Evidently, the child was a bit on the naughty side and was behaving badly. Little Clover, who often injects himself into adult conversation, asked his grandma if the child got what he wanted when he was fussy. Grandma responded that she wasn't sure. Then, Little Clover proceeds with his parenting advice. He tells his grandma,

"If the child is being fussy, then he should not get what he wants. That will only make him more fussy. When I'm fussy, my parents don't give me what I want. That way, I won't be fussy anymore."

Wow! I was speechless when I heard this! Italian and I try to explain our parenting actions to Little Clover, but honestly, I never ever thought he would listen, much less understand, much less repeat it as advice! I'm verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves. Seriously, I was floored. Here was this little person honestly buying into the philosophies that we were teaching him. He believed and understood the why behind how we parent, and by understanding the why, he knew he was loved. I just hope that he stays this understanding in his teen years (Dad, I officially apologize for any and all anxiety I may have caused you and Mom. Let the good karma flow).

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