Friday, April 28, 2006

When I Like Something

I must really like it. Especially when it comes to home furnishings. I've been on an Arts and Crafts kick for years now, but have just come to accept it. Now, every piece of furniture I see and love has hints of Arts and Crafts. I love Tudor style homes and ranch style layouts. I now live in a Tudor style house with a ranch floor plan. I'm also a bit slow, we've talked about that, and have just realized that I live in a Tudor style house with a ranch layout. It's sad really.

Even though I've been on this Arts and Craft/Mission kick, my furniture doesn't reflect this. My living room set is six years old. We bought it when we had a little Little Clover. The upolstrey is an olive green and khaki type corduroy looking fabric. It was great for a family with a little person. It doesn's show grape fruit stains, both fermented and unfermented. It is comfy and soft, perfect for bouncing, yet it still looked grown-up. It was perfect. We still have it.

Then a few months ago, I saw a chair that would be perfect for the bedroom. It is comfy and soft, perfect for reading by the bed. It has this great olive green corduroy fabric that won't show stains, and both Italian and I loved it. We brought it home. We unboxed it. We put it in the bedroom by the bed. We realized it was the exact same upolstrey as our living room furniture. The exact same. Our taste had not changed much in six years. We were officially boring at that point.

Then I decided to start decorating the drunken reading room. I informed Italian that I would be coming home with a rug. He didn't believe me until I came home with a 10x12 rug shoved into my compact car. He begrudgingly helped me move the furniture in the drunken reading room and roll out the rug. He actually liked it and admitted that it tied the room together (but not in a Big Lebowski kinda way). We were happy. Until I realized that the kitchen chair pads were a disaster.

Fortunately, I received an email that Pottery Barn was having a sale, and they had kitchen chair pads that I liked! It was a sign! I ordered them! They were cute and not too feminine and not to masculine. They came yesterday. I pulled them out of the box and liked them even more! They looked great in the kitchen and I was quite smug with my bargain find. Until, that is, Italian pointed out that I must really like the rug.

Yep, they are the EXACT same pattern as the rug.

In other random Friday news:
Check out what knitters do for fun. Not only are we crafty, but we are phat punk'd. Does anyone say "Phat" anymore?

Here is a happy pic to bring in a happy weekend: some kid art brought to you buy Little Clover.


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