Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sew I knit

What happens when a super klutzy girl lays on a loveseat drinking wine celebrating the fact that the taxes are finished? Evidently, this happens:

Yep, that is my wine glass IN my water cup. I double fist it when I drink. I usually have a glass of wine and a glass of water. Both were on the floor in arms reach. I was reclining on the loveseat with my back against one armrest and my feet over the other. I reached down, grabbed the wine, took a sip, and then put it back on the floor, so I thought. For my friends out there that know me very well. I had to take a picture because I knew they wouldn't believe it. And yes, that is red wine.

Sew, what is up with the title of today's post? I've decide to officially try out my sewing machine and have joined a sew-along for knitters. I have used my sewing machine to make squares. Well, they resembled squares, but probably didn't fit the true definition of a square. They were a bit, um, lopsided. I'm hoping the purse goes a bit better. The fabric I picked is actually a toss pillow from the Pottery Barn outlet.

I bought two, one for the front of the purse and one for the back. For the handle, I couldn't find anything I liked, sew, I decided to knit an I-cord out of ribbon. The I-cord took 10 yards and is about 16 inches long. Because the handle is short, I think I'll only end up using one of the toss pillows and will fold it in half. Sew far, I haven't actually sewn anything. Sewing takes more time than I was anticipating.

Saturday was spent ripping out the seams and knitting the I-cord. I really thought I'd be able to knock out this purse Saturday and have it done for Easter. Things didn't really work out that way. Sewing involves cutting fabric. Laying out all the pieces. Pinning it together. Then, finally sewing and finishing. There is no knocking out something quickly. There might be a purse to show in a post or two.

Oh, on a final note, this is what Italian got for his birthday:

A guitar

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