Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Fever

I have spring fever. I work in a cube with no windows, but my internal clock knows it is sunny and gorgeous and beautiful outside, perfect for taking Little Clover to the park to hike and play baseball, and then come home and run through the sprinkler. It is the perfect day for having a picnic in the backyard for dinner, and then knit outside with a silky cool cotton, or silk, or rayon fiber. None of those fibers are on my needles right now.

Instead, I'm in the middle of winter, knitting a zebra in wool, a pair of socks in wool, and an anniversary sweater in alpaca that I will give my honey in May. May???? What was I thinking? He won't be able to use the sweater until November. Oy! At least it is pretty. Yep, it is. The sweater is very pretty. I was extremely nervous when I picked out the pattern because I didn't want to mess up his first knitted item, and the pattern is a bit complex. I can even reveal what I'm making: The River Forrest Gansey from Handknit Holidays. I can now knit in the open because he found out what his gift would be. How did he find out? It involves wine.

We had a bottle of wine with dinner one night. As we lingered in the kitchen with Little Clover popping in and out to chat with us, we talked. We talked about our day, our work, his bowl turning, my knitting. Somewhere between glass two, unbeknownst to me I gave some mega-clues on his present. Then, two days later (I'm a bit slow), he mentions to his mom how 'of course he would love his anniversary present, because he loves sweaters, and he loves the color blue.' The conversation continues for 10 minutes, and has moved on to other topics, when it dawns on me. He knows!!!! (did I mention I'm a bit slow?) At least I can knit openly now, and hold the growing sweater up to him while he's awake instead of waiting until he falls asleep.

In other Random Friday news. Little Clover and Italian are spending the day home today for Easter break. Little Clover woke up when I left for work, and Italian was sleeping in from a late night working. He didn't get to sleep very long. He woke up to Little Clover walking into the bedroom saying, "I don't know. I'll ask him. Dad, are you taking the day off?" Italian opens his eyes and sees a blurry Little Clover with a blurry silver thing up by his ear. "Yes, I am," he sleepily replies. "Yep, my dad is staying home today," Little Clover procedes to tell the client on Italian's cellphone. Italian asked for the phone.

Oh, one more thing. The rose is from my rosebush. I haven't killed it yet. Let's see if it actually makes it through the summer.


olympiablue said...

lovely rose! and the knitting picnic sounds fantastic! speaking of wine - when is the SnB group going to knit in a park and consume wine?!

Aaron Pentzer said...

Did you really check the size by holding it up to him while he slept? What a funny image!

lynsey said...

i love this post! and yes we need an annual picnic!

foxycpa said...

Ah, yes. It often involves wine, doesn't it?